Top 10 Things you should know about your Navigation System


1.Before you sell your car or turn in your lease clear out all of your information from your system.  Do you really want the new buyers to know all of your friends addresses? 

2.  Never program your actual home address into the HOME button.  If your vehicle is stolen all the thief has to do is hit the home button on the Navi,  once he’s arrived he pushes the homelink button for your garage & he’s inside.  I suggest programming an intersection or an address down the street.  

3.  Save on 411 calls.  All the info you need is right there in your Navigation.  Just type in the restaurant name & hit the info button.  The address and phone number will pop up, and then hit the call button. 

4. Do your eyes get tired late at night and your screen is too bright? Simply turn off the display and have the voice commands navigate you to your destination.  Use the volume on your radio to adjust the loudness.

5. Best Bluetooth to pair with your Nav?  Go to your manufacturer’s website, type in Bluetooth.  Toyota for example will ask which carrier (eg, verizon) , then which car (2010 Toyota Highlander) and will provide a list of phones that pair the best for your sweet new car. 

6. Not all Navigation Systems are created equal.  Zagat reviews for restaurants, 5 day weather forecast, some can download your entire contact list from your phone by the click of a button.What do you want your Nav to do? 

7. Never forget a birthday or Anniversary.  Go to calendar and type in your child’s birthday, or your anniversary.  When your car starts on that day, wha-la!  Happy Birthday Grandma.

 8.Safety!  Never get lost again.  

9. For emergency use only!!  Find a Fire Department, Police Station or Hospital with one click from anywhere in the U.S.   

10. Navigation Systems are the best marriage savers in the universe.

Never stop to ask for directions again, arrive at your destination with a loving and serene attitude. Hear your friends boast “they look so happy together”  You know the secret……it’s all in the Nav!

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